Additional Services

Customs services

  1. Representation in customs processes
  2. Liability for the customs debt in the regime of free circulation, temporary storage
  3. Obtaining of the customs documents
  4. Services of a tax representative
  5. Services at the re-export

Storage of the commodities

  1. storage in the customs type A warehouse
  2. storage on the strengthened surfaces

PREMAKO a.s. has at its disposal 1700 m² of sheltered storage area and more than 10 000 m² opened storage places (of concrete, panel, gravel surface).

Processing of the commodities:

  1. sorting
  2. packing and re-packing
  3. palletisation and packetisation

Insurance Services and Liability

PREMAKO a. s. has obtained every insurance necessary for its business activities and liability for the customs debt:

  1. insurance of the customs debt
  2. property, equipment, and supplies of the goods insurance
  3. responsibility of the freight forwarder insurance
  4. insurance of a contract carrier
  5. liability for the customs debt during temporary storage , and releasing into free circulation
  6. liability for free circulation regime by the import, liability for the transit regime

We co-operate with  Tatra bank a.s. Bratislava, insurance companies: Union, Uniqua, Kooperativa, Chartis.

Additional services connected with transloading and logistics

  1. weighing of the goods
  2. turning of the metal scrolls from vertical to horizontal position
  3. issuing waybills SMGS, CIM, CMR, T1
  4. change of transport contract, Exchange of invoices and documents