Rail Logistics

PMK Rail – (export/import) – We provide transportation of individual, mass, and oversized commodities throughout the European territory, as well as across the state border stations (SBS): Maťovce/Užhorod, Čierna nad Tisou/Čop from/to the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia,  countries of the central Asia and further to China and Mongolia.
In SBS Maťovce and Čierna nad Tisou, we arrange all the activities related to the direct and indirect transloading, storage in sheltered and opened warehouses, monitoring of the freight quality and FYTO control, customs proceedings, documents exchange, providing of the notification of the shipment, etc.
In case of eastward transport, we are able to arrange in both, ILC Maťovce and SBS Čierna nad Tisou/Čop, direct and indirect transloading of the freight with a possibility of monitoring and documenting of the loading process. We also provide adding of wagons of suitable construction.
There is also an offer of using containers for the transportation to the destinations in the Far East.

Road Logistics

PMK Road (export/import) – We offer transportation in the domestic territory as well as in Europe. The road transportation is run in co-operation with domestic and foreign transporters. For the transport purposes we use trucks of standard construction, tarpaulin semi-trailers, refrigerated semi-trailers, izoterms, walking floors, tankers, and dump trucks. It is also transport of oversized and heavy freight that can be arranged.
Besides road truck logistics, we provide also transport by smaller vehicles. Transport services are provided from/to the countries of the CIS, in case of direct shipment, as well as through ILC Maťovce.

Sea and River Logistics

PMK Ocean & River Freight (export/import) – Similarly, in naval transportation, we provide high-quality and reliable services in co-operation with renowned naval companies. As an independent shipper we negotiate with naval companies and their agents about the best price possible for transport from/to various parts of the world. We can offer conventional transportation and container transportation in containers of standard, but also special construction with focus on the ports of Hamburg, Bremenhaven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Koper, Rijeka, in particular. In addition, we cooperate with the ports of Saint Petersburg, Klajpedatrans Izmail, Reni.

To transport smaller consignments, we use collection containers.