Services performed in ILC:

Commodities transloaded in the ILC:

  1. Free loaded and loose materials
  2. metallurgical products up to the length of 12 metres and weight of 18 tons
  3. timber (celulose, wood chips, logs, lumber, etc.)
  4. other goods on the pallets, in the big-bags, scrolls, packets and on the wheels
  5. engine technologies and other oversized items
  6. IBC containers, containers up to 18 tons

ILC besides railroad yard and storage spaces provides also three gantry cranes (capacity of 10–20 tons), an overhead crane, mobile crane, forklifts, hydraulic loaders. The whole transloading process is performed by the newest lifting and packing equipment (ropes, chains, straps and bands, as well as by special hooks, pallet forks, grabs, collets, rotary girders, magnetic girders, and polyp grabs.

Transloading capacity is more than 800 000 tons per year, depending on the kind of commodities and the regularity of their arrival.

The company provides a combination of transloading services and logistics related to the transloading.